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Railways Recruitment 60000 Positions In 2015 Notification

Railways board Vacancy 2015 Job For 60000 Posts Notification June 2015 Detail-
Railways board issued a notification in newspaper for 60000 vacancies in this year.
Railways board will hire this year 60000 positions. In addition, the railway department has decided to hold both online applications and examinations. Under the pilot project in October this year, 2,000 engineers will be conducted online examination.

Railway Board Member Personnel Pradeep Kumar, bring transparency in the online application system. 20 Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) has been updated four of 100 percent. If the project is successful, it will be possible to online exams of class IV.
Pradeep said the online system will find a candidate that he has time application. Is certain is that the candidate in the application form which will inform the railway will investigate after examination.

He passed the exam candidate at the time of his appointment to the letter all the documents will be examined in depth. If he were wrong, he will be disqualified. Moreover he will take the appropriate action. Railways board not announced fix date of start online application registration for 60000 positions In Railways department. 
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