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25000 Pool Teacher Post Ends In Rajasthan Notification

25000 Pool Teacher Post Ends In Rajasthan Notification
Department of Education teachers in schools department now has to prepare for moving. Pool in the name of post-secondary schools supported some 25,000 teachers will be shocked by the move of the Department.

Education Department office pool has ended. Now these teachers in schools will be fitted as required under syncing. Most of elementary education in the Department of Education to VIII and X have graduated school.

Over the years, the elementary education teachers in these schools were supported. Pool their positions in the department office by saying that teachers were left unchanged, while the rules have come into school to secondary education.

Pool positions have been eliminated. This arrangement teacher in schools in some areas whereas most places is a severe shortage of teachers. These 25 thousand teachers will be taxed accordingly syncing.

Vasudev Devnani, Education Minister
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